The Wagen Trustís recent projects have included

  • the Millennium Saxon Sanctuary Exhibition
  • the re-roofing of the Chancel for which a Joint Churches Heritage Grant was awarded
  • the floodlighting of the church for which a Millennium Lottery Grant was awarded
  • an architect-designed timber toilet block
  • the leasing of Church Field for overflow car parking

cherry picker

Current and anticipated projects include

  • the restoration of Priory Pool in Church Field with associated public access
  • masonry repair as specified in the quinquennial report
  • recovery of the Saxon crossing and Saxon north arch access
  • a small kitchen facility in the vestry

If you want to help the Wagen Trust with their ambitious programme, please join the Wagen 100 Club. At just £5 a month, you have the chance to win £100 a month (£200 at Christmas).