Military road

There is so little evidence of a Roman presence in this area that it is safe to conclude that the British peasants of Wootton just carried on farming. No doubt they enjoyed the security and a good price for their corn. But to date, local finds (a few minor coins, a handful of pieces of second-rate pottery, a bit of concrete and traces of a small farm) hardly suggest that in 400 years the Romans made much impact hereabouts. We can at least be fairly sure that a major through-route from the Fosse Way to Ryknield Street used the ford on the Alne here, and there is evidence on the map if not on the ground for a military road heading directly North from Wootton to Watling Street. This might help to explain the strangely located moated ‘camp’ off Pettiford Lane. Not much is certain, yet because of what we know followed, we can still speculate that somewhere the fields of Wootton may yield a prize. For it is a fact that important Minster Churches were often built near the sites of Roman villas.