The Book

The souvenir handbook is in full colour and sets out to do three things:

  • to expand on the 30 underlined Links in the Exhibition
  • to offer a 50-point trail around Warwickshire’s oldest church
  • to provide maps of local ‘walks through history’.

The late Donald Graham, a retired LEA History Adviser, spent thirty years researching Wootton Wawen, a quest which has made him a familiar figure in the archives of Warwick, Stratford-upon-Avon and King’s College, Cambridge.

Presented in a ‘modular’ format (to match the Links) and generously illustrated, the book is wonderfully readable and stands up on its own quite apart from the Exhibition. Philip Shepherd’s ‘aerial’ paintings of the village at different stages of its history form a fascinating sequence for anyone remotely interested in the development of the English countryside.

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Click here for examples of the book’s Links associated with the Exhibition text.